The Goal of the Wildlife Translocation Association

In its efforts to improve professionalism and streamline various functions relating to the state's mandate to control the industry, the WTA is in the process of:

  • Entering into contractual agreements with the provincial conservation authorities in order to streamline the issue of permits, implement official conservation policies and address animal welfare issues,
  • Following a co-operative approach with nature conservation to evaluate and approve the standard of capture equipment and facilities (according to the SABS standard – & ),
  • Improving the operating ethics and professionalism of private game capture units, and
  • Ensuring that animal welfare concerns are satisfactorily addressed,
  • Assisting tertiary education institutions to develop a syllabus and a qualification for wildlife managers and game capturers that will train them in the art and science of safely and humanely handling wild animals. Particular emphasis is placed on the use of veterinary pharmaceuticals as a necessary tool for the translocation of wild animals.